Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trolley Path Condos - Wilmington NC

Everyday I drive past the Trolley Path condo complex on Wrightsville Ave and have always wondered what they cost. So, this morning I decided to check it out and share it with our readers. According to the listings on, there are a pair of condos currently on the markets in the $146,000 to $149,900 range. Both have two bedrooms and two baths and are approximately 1,100 square/feet.

The MLS Numbers for the two Trolley Path Condos are: 417957 & 418861

To get to the Trolley Path from downtown....head up Castle Street and around the bend where it becomes Wrightsville Ave. The Trolley Path condos will come up quickly on your right. If you are driving down Wrightsvlle towards downtown, once you past Forest Hills keep your eyes open for the Wrightsville County Store on your right, the Trolley Path will be on your left.

I have never been inside these condos but they look really nice from the outside and people seem to take pride in their appearance as many have flower boxes and planting on their decks.

If you have questions regarding condominium mortgages, you may want to reach out to American Bank or American Financial Resources. Both companies offer condo loans and low money down products.

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